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Car Cover Features:
- Breathability
- Water resistance
- Extra thick protection
- Theft deterrent
- Prevent minor nicks, scratches
- Keeps the interior cooler
- No seam failures and seam leakage
- Meets the most stringent material test requirements
- Colored materials and two tone designs
- Withstand the color fading
- Leak resistant seams
- Neoprene elastic tension sewn in
- Sewn in grommets

Custom BMW Car Covers

One of the common advantages for BMW cars is that the cover will protect the exterior finish from damage. BMW car covers acts as barrier to sun rays and hence interior decoration lasts longer.

Combining all protective layers, the result is that the cover is strong enough to protect the car from knocks and scratches, resists rips and tears, whilst, all the more being soft to defend sensitive paintwork.

BMW car covers come custom made for a wide selection of BMW models. The covers fit to the contours of the car precisely maximizing the protection it offers. The cover is closely fitted against the skin of the car and will refuse entry to any form of dirt and dust.

BMW custom car covers come with special mirror pockets and an aerial pocket where applicable.